7 Threatening & Most Common Women’s Health Issue

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7 Threatening & Most Common Women’s Health Issue

Women experience unique health issues in their life. The sufferings are varied according to their age, environment in which they are living and health conditions. Here we are discussing the common health issues of which are affecting women’s health.

Breast cancer:

It is the most aggressive cancer affecting to the female population. Breast cancer typically originates in the lining of the milking ducts but sometimes it can spread to the other organs too. The breast cancer condition is more amongst the developed countries, as the life span over there is more.

Breast lumps are initial phase of breast cancer. Most of the time these lumps are non-threatening, but regular medical checkups are important, to prevent further complications.

Mental health:

According to various studies and researches women prone to more anxiety, depression, and psychosomatic disease than men. Depression and suicide are leading causes of death in women under the age of 60 years. So finding these problems on a right time and working on them is very important.


38% of women above the age of 20 years are overweight based on national standards. So healthy intake of nutritious food is very important. Healthy diet includes lean meat, lots of green vegetables, salads, low carb foods, protein and fresh fruits. Daily exercise for half an hour to 1 hour will also help you to reduce your weight. An intense exercise 3-4 times in a week will help to reduce drastically.

Reproductive and sexual health:

33% of health issue ii the age between 14-45 years occurs due to reproductive and sexual health. Conditions like PCOS, hormonal imbalance fibroids or mild infections if left untreated, it may causes infertility in women. Vaginal issues could also indicate serious problems such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or reproductive tract cancer. Bleeding between the periods and increase urine frequency may be the symptoms of other health issues practicing safe sex and regular pelvic exams are necessary to prevent further complications and various health issues.

Urinary incontinence:

75-80% adult women suffers from urinary incontinence.  It is almost twice a rate of incontinence in men. As women goes from many stages like pregnancy, child birth and menopause. The structure of female urinary tract is also an additional factor for urinary continence in women than men. Pelvic floor exercise and keeping weight in control helps in some women to reduce urinary incontinence.


50% of women above the age of 60 years are suffering from arthritis. As age increase the chances of getting arthritis also increased. Women prone to arthritis because of stress, immobility of joints, due to low level of estrogen after menopause. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint stiffness and pain. So having active and healthy lifestyle is important along with keeping your weight in control.


1 out of 10 women above 60 years are suffering from osteoporosis. As women have smaller and thinner bones compare to men. After menopause the estrogen level (which protects bones) decreases which cause bone loss. Regular exercise and consumption of calcium prevents risk of developing osteoporosis.

Dr. Tasnim Maner
Dr. Tasnim Maner
Dr. Tasnim Maner has earned her B.H.M.S degree in Homeopathy from DSHM College, Pune. She has been contributing as a Medical and health consultant since past 5 years. Dr. Tasnim Maner has been taking more diversified cases like diabetes, skin, asthma. arthritis, and more and treated successfully through homeopathic treatment. She has also been working as health consultant for weight loss / gain program.

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