International Women’s Day – Time to decide what is more Important !!

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International Women’s Day – Time to decide what is more Important !!

A woman’s life has been loaded with responsibilities leaving out the purpose of living behind many curtains. Be it a decision of having children or having a healthy and fit life, it has all been based on circumstances.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to focus on the dreams you always wanted to follow. Having said that, with lots of responsibilities levied on a woman, most of them have not taken care of themselves to lead a healthy life. As per Survey 8 out of 10 women have developed stress and fats related diseases and are succumbed to heart & blood pressure problems. Acne and other skin problems may also develop during this course.

So, this women’s day I would like the women to pledge for a better health, fit body and lower stress. Survey tells us after pregnancy most of the women do not try to shred extra fats due to their busy schedule. This extra fats, lack of sleeps often leads to stress related diseases.

Homeo-cure has designed exercise as well as diet plans for those who wants to loose fats without compromising their busy schedule, with its easy to follow diet plans and 10 mins of exercise per day.

Book an appointment with us to get a better tomorrow.

Happy Women’s Day

Dr. Tasnim Maner
Dr. Tasnim Maner
Dr. Tasnim Maner has earned her B.H.M.S degree in Homeopathy from DSHM College, Pune. She has been contributing as a Medical and health consultant since past 5 years. Dr. Tasnim Maner has been taking more diversified cases like diabetes, skin, asthma. arthritis, and more and treated successfully through homeopathic treatment. She has also been working as health consultant for weight loss / gain program.

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