Vericose Veins

Varicose veins are nothing but the twisted, enlarged and swollen veins. Most commonly they occurs on the lower part of leg, but can come elsewhere too.

 In the normal condition of veins, the valves within them stop the blood from remaining stagnant or flowing back – they only allow blood to flow in one direction. But in the varicose veins, the leaflets of the valves no longer meet properly, and the valves do not work. This allows blood to flow backwards and they become enlarge and swollen. They are blue or purple in color. Varicose veins is not a serious health condition. But sometimes diagnosis get confused with deep vein thrombosis, which may be life threatening. Varicose veins are common in the superficial veins of the legs.

Cause of varicose veins:

Varicose veins occur because of weakness or absence of valves in the veins. Varicose veins occur both in men and women but, they are more common in women during child bearing age. They can also occur in the old age.

Risk factors of varicose veins:

  • Pregnant women have maximum chances to develop varicosity of veins.
  • The person who has job, standing for long duration may get develop varicose veins. Example job like traffic police.
  • Obese and overweight people
  • Sedentary life style.

Symptoms of varicose veins:

  • skin in the affected area become red, dry, and itchy called venous eczema
  • A minor injury to the affected area may result in longer bleeding than normal
  • Swollen ankles
  • Legs feel heavy, mostly after exercise or at night
  • Throbbing and burning pain at affected area.
  • Spider veins on the affected area called Telangiectasia
  • When suddenly standing up, some individuals experience leg cramps
  • Atrophie blanche – smooth, ivory-white, round or stellate scars or plaques appears at the ankles
  • Restless leg syndrome in some individuals.

Homeopathy treatment for varicose veins :

In allopathic treatment surgery is the only solution for varicose veins. Or if you want to avoid the surgery, then they will tell you some changes in routine to maintain it.

Homeopathy have a different approach for it. Homeopathic medicine.  The homeopathic medicines work by improving the blood circulation in the body and specially the legs. At the same time, the valves in the veins of the legs get strengthened. Hence the valve started to work normally. This does not allow the blood to stagnate in the legs or the lower part of the body. The blue discoloration and the swelling in the veins disappears, over the period of time

Homeopathy medicines for varicose veins :

Calcarea carb: it is one of the best remedy for varicose veins. The patient have burning pain at area. Patient is obese but weak. Patient is chilly, but there is sweating at palms and feet.

Hamamelis: it is one of the best remedy to prevent bleeding from varicose veins. There is a sore bruised feeling in the leg.

Pulsatilla: it is the best remedy for pregnant ladies. It generally use when varicosity caused due to pregnancy. Patient feels better in open air. Patient is thistles nearly in all complaints.