Female infertility is failure to conceive pregnancy within a 12 month of total period or more than that along with regular sexual intercourse. Female infertility contributes approximately 50 % of total infertility cases.


1. Hormonal problems:

Hormonal changes causes early or late ovulation in female’s body. It causes disturbance in release of an egg from the ovary and endometrial thickening of the uterus.

2. Damage to Fallopian tube:

These structures carries an egg from the ovaries to the uterus, where the baby develops. Damage to the fallopian tubes prevent reaching eggs at uterus and also prevent sperms to reaching at egg. Damage to fallopian tube causes during pelvic infections, endometriosis and during surgery.

3. Cervical issues:

Some women have a condition that prevents sperm from passing through the cervical canal.

4. Uterine issues:

Uterine polyp or having uterine fibroid causes interference in getting pregnant.

5. Unexplained infertility:

15-20% couple does not have any specific reason for not getting pregnancy.


  • Irregular periods
  • Inability to conceive after having unprotected sex
  • Early menstrual period within 21 days or late menstrual period more than 35 days.

Homeopathy medicine:

Homeopathy treatment have great result foe female infertility.

Homeopathy medicine helps to get the natural ovulation more regularly. It also helps to improve quality of eggs which increase your chances of pregnancy.

Homeopathy medicine treat the cases like PCOS, pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis. These health problems are the important causes of infertility.

Treatment of homeopathy helps to achieve normal regulation hormones without prescribing external hormones