Fibro adenoma of the breast is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor in the breast. It occurs in the female during pregnancy or during breast feeding period. It occurs in the female before the age of thirty, but can occur at any age. Women who has family history of breast cancer mostly have a chances to develop fibro-adenoma.

Symptoms of fibro adenoma:

It doesn’t get noticed easily since it is a painless tumor. It can get noticed accidently during bathing, when u feel lump or during self- examination of the breast.

In other condition doctor may get noticed fibro-adenoma during routine physical examination or a mammogram.

These are the following conditions:

  • Fibro adenoma is a painless tumor. It may feel tender during or after periods.
  • It is soft to touch and rubbery in consistency.
  • It move under the skin some-time but can b firm type also.

Causes of fibro-adenoma:

Doctors don’t know the exact causes of fibro-adenoma. It may be related to changing hormonal levels, since it often appear during puberty or pregnancy and go away after menopause.

Homeopathy treatment:

Homeopathy medicine helps to regularise the hormonal level in the body by natural way.  It prevents the tendency or possibility of cancer.