Corns and calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin (hyperkeratosis) and generally they are very painful.

Corns and calluses develop as a results of the skin making an attempt to protect itself against persistent friction and pressure.

Any condition or activity that leads to enlarged pressure or friction over the fingers or toes will result in the event of corns or calluses.

Corns are classically seen on the bony prominences of the feet, top of the toes also as on the hands and fingers.


  1. Corns and Calluses symptoms at first present with thickening of the skin, pain on touching and generally, itching.
  2. Calluses develop in regions wherever the skin rubs against one thing hard or rough, like a shoe, a bone or the ground. The ball of the foot that takes most of the weight whereas walking is a common site for calluses. Corns and Calluses symptoms are particularly found in ladies who frequently wear high heels. Sitar players, guitar players and farmers develops callus generally.
  3. Corns develop in a very typical pattern with a hard center and appearance sort of a funnel with a broad, raised prime and pointed bottom. As a results of this typical form, the pressure and pain is most intense at the tip, which is deep, leading to deep tissue harm and ulceration. Individuals with diabetes or neuropathy who have insensitive skin are at bigger risk.
  4. Corn and calluses both get pain after giving pressure on that particular point.


Rubbing or pressure will cause either soft corns or plantar calluses. If you or your kid develops a callus that has no clear source of pressure, have it checked out by a doctor or a foot doctor, since it can be a wart or be caused by a foreign body – like a splinter – trapped below the skin. Feet spend most of their time in a much closed, moist atmosphere that is right for breeding fungous and bacterial infections. Staphylococci (bacterial) infections will begin once microorganism enter corns through breaks within the skin and cause the infected skin to discharge fluid or pus.

Some corns and calluses on the feet develop from poor gait, however most are caused by ill-fitting shoes. High-heeled shoes are the worst offenders. They place pressure on the toes and make ladies four times as probably as men to have foot issues. Alternative risk factors for developing a corn or callus are foot deformities and wearing shoes or sandals while not socks, that results in friction on the feet.

Homeopathy treatment:

  1. Homeopathic treatment for corns and calluses offers medicines that are proved to be extremely effective in eliminating them from their core within the fastest, gentlest manner.
  2. Corns and calluses occur due to a tendency within the patient for developing them. This tendency, additionally affects by maintaining causes like sustained pressure and friction, result in repetition of problems.
  3. Homeopathic treatment for Corns and Calluses focuses on eliminating this tendency using a holistic approach by learning the patient.
  4. Homeopathic treatment for Corns and Calluses is safe, mild and doesn’t involve application of any cauterizing or painful agent.