Eczema is the autoimmune disease. It is the reaction of skin which produces in the form of different diseases.

Sign and symptoms:

Skin problem is nearly incredibly itchy .It begins as red, raised small blisters containing a transparent fluid atop red, elevated plaques. Once the blisters break, the affected skin can ooze. In older skin problem, eczema, the blisters are less distinguished and also the skin is thickened, elevated, and scaling.

Painful cracks within the skin will develop over time.

Homeopathy treatment for eczemaRash can be settled anyplace on the body, in adults and older kids, it is most frequently found on the neck, opposite the elbow side and opposite the knee side. Infants might exhibit the rash on the body part and face. The diaper space is commonly spared.

While the skin behind the ear could also be concerned, the external organ itself is sometimes spared.

Eyelids are typically puffy, red, and itchy.

The itch could also be so intense that it interferes with sleep.

Asteatotic eczema could be a term typically applied to explain patients who have thin, dried, cracked-appearing skin, sometimes particularly dangerous on the lower legs.

Significant involvement of the palms and soles of the feet is not usual.

Causes and risk factors:

  • Environmental and genetic factor are two important causes for eczema.
  • Following are the common triggers for atopic eczema:
  • Common triggers of atopic eczema embody the following:
  • Lotions
  • Rough wool wear
  • Sweating
  • Harsh soaps and detergents
  • Over washing of skin
  • Solvents
  • Occlusive rubber or plastic gloves
  • Rubbing
  • Food allergies

Homeopathy treatment:

Homeopathy tackle eczema at a deeper level, by removing a disease completely from the roots. Homeopathy is the only permanent way of removing eczema completely. It is the safest and non-toxic treatment. Duration of treatment in homeopathy depend on the extent of the disease, period of the disease, patient’s response to the medicine and if any previous treatment have taken for it. Example: extensive use of oral or local cortisone.